Quick Techniques: On the Job Style Magical Designs.

A class by Shawna Fae
Artist and Instructor, Shawna Face Art

27 May 2021, 07:00 PM

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About this class

In this fun and colorful class, we will be working with one strokes and other fast techniques to create speedy, yet impressive designs that are achievable on the job.

Utilizing contrasting colors, strategic highlights, line work and glitter placement we can make the most out of the few minutes we typically have with our little customers.

By the end of this class, your paintbrushes should be springing out flowers, flames, and rainbows like magic!


Dragon Design
  • Blazin Brush 5/8" Angled Brush
  • Kraze FX Neon Palette-Green Split Cake
  • Blazin Brush 1/2" Angled Brush
  • Global Leanne Courtney's Summer Crush
  • Bolt Brush #1
  • Global Dark Blue
  • Blazin Brush #2
  • Wolfe White
  • Jest Paint Hydra Sponge
  • Lea Selley Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil
  • Earth Fairy Fire Glitter
Faery Design
  • Bolt Brush Round #1
  • Global Skin Palette-Dark Brown
  • TAG Neon Rainbow
  • XFX Neon Pink
  • Wolfe White
  • Blazin Brush Round #2
  • Mehron Lime Green
  • Global Neon Green
  • Global Deep Green
  • Vivid Glitter White Holographic
  • Vivid Glitter Silicone Applicator
  • Creative Faces Glitter Sticks-Chrissy
  • Suzy Sparkles Glitter Gel-Neon Yellow
Unicorn Design
  • Tag Light Blue
  • Kryvaline Never Stain Sponge
  • Wolfe White
  • Ooh! Stencil Baby Unicorn Flips
  • Ooh! Stencil Balloon Dog
  • Vivid Glitter Candy Cosmos
  • Paint Pal 3/4" Flat Brush
  • Fusion Leanne's Tropical Butterfly Split Cake
  • Vivid Glitter Hot Pink Fine Glitter
  • Wolfe White
  • Leow Cornell #4
  • Bolt Brush #1
  • Wolfe Black
  • Vivid Glitter Silicone Applicator
  • Creative Faces Glitter Sticks-Wandie
Mermaid Cat Design
  • Prima Barton 5/8" Angled Brush
  • Fusion Mermaids & Unicorns Palette-Mermaid Glow
  • Wolfe White
  • Prima Barton 5/8" Flat Brush
  • Fusion Leanne Courtney's Fancy Eyes Split Cake
  • Superstar White
  • Jest Paint Hydra Sponge
  • Bam Stencil 1001
  • Leow Cornell #3
  • Global Purple
  • Handmade Bling
  • Wet N Wild Cream Glitter
  • Amerikan Body Art Champagne Chunky Glitter
  • FAB Fairy Kiss Shimmer
  • FAB Amethyst Shimmer
  • Mama Clown White Fairy Dust Large Cut

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Shawna Fae

Professional Face and Body Painter, International Face Painting School Honors Graduate, 365 Club for Inspiration To Paint.

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