Mythical masks: Creating designs that can be incorporated around facial covid mask coverings.

A class by Acacia Clair Tanner
Artist and Instructor, Fanciful Face Painting

29 May 2021, 09:00 PM

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About this class

While developing this class I wanted to create designs that can be done above and around children's face masks.

All around the world, there are different restrictions for different countries these designs keep the COVID-19 restrictions in mind but also allow children to still be painted during this pandemic.

You will be using one stroke cakes to create the base design and also be learning teardrop techniques to create texture and dimension, as well as line work.

You will also learn how diverse the same shaped design can be, and how it can be used to create three completely different designs yet having similar elements.

These are designs that can also be adjusted to create many other popular animals that can be used on the job.


Paints used on dragon
  • Global yellow global these I bought before they became fusion brand
  • Fusion neon orange
  • Tag green
  • Tag white
  • Tag black
  • Paradise merlot
  • Global onestroke green cake
  • Global flame onestroke cake
  • 0 liner brush plaid brand
Mermicorn paints used
  • Tag pearl Teal
  • Tag white
  • Tag black
  • Paty DeLeon onestroke cake bluebonnet
  • American body art chunky glitter
  • Mama clown glitter
  • Size 0 liner brush plaid brand
Phoenix paints used
  • Tag white
  • Tag black
  • Global yellow
  • Fusion neon orange
  • Paradise merlot
  • Global purple onestroke cake
  • Global flame cake
  • Size 0 liner brush plaid

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Acacia Clair Tanner

Started Fanciful face painting 2014. Won the ITP painting contest sponsored by diva stencils 2016. Started fancifulfacebling 2016. Became diva stencils art representative 2018. Published in Wet paint, Ilusion, Sillyfarm magazines. Instructor and bling vendor at ACE convention in Texas 2018. Became Fabatv instructor 2018. Instructor and bling vendor at Fabaic 2019.

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