BONUS CLASS ★ Glitter essentials: a journey through glitter application, from beginner to expert.

A class by Nicole Weiler
Essential Glitter Balm

30 May 2021, 05:00 PM

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About this class

In this class we will cover several questions:

  • from beginner to professional in one swipe: utilizing glitter to enhance your work and conceal mistakes.

  • professional product or DIY: what’s in a brand? is it acceptable to make your own and what ingredients are used in EGB that make it the best choice?

  • gel, cream or oil? how do they differ in application, durability and longevity?

  • biodegradable glitter: is EGB bio and why not? what is the market really paying for, and an exciting at home test for part or full biodegradability?


  • Royal aqualine whisp brush end for glitter application
  • Pink tip liner 0 and 1
  • Pink tip small petal
  • Pink tip ¼ dagger
  • Pink tip round pointed no 2
  • Pink tip short angle 1/2
  • Prima Barton ¾ flat
  • Prima Barton ½ filbert
  • Loew Cornell 795 round no 2
  • FPA face paints australia
  • One stoke cakes: 2x custom made + telopea, carrabean, melaleuca, warratah
  • Essential: white and black
  • Metallics: fairy floss, peach blush
  • Kristen Olsen collection: coral reef, calathea, daybreak rose, ulysses
  • Captain obvious
  • Diva 97 fairy
  • BAM 1004 dinosaur scales
  • BAM 2018 grid lines

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Nicole Weiler

Owner and developer of Essential Glitter Balm.

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