Scotland Prestige Awards 2021, WBF 2021 Face Painting – 6th place; Gibraltar Festival 2021 Face painting – 1st place; Instructor at Jamvention 2020, Skin City Body Painting Contest 2020 x3 1st place; Featured in BBC TV Scotland 2019; Judging at North East Scotland College – Facepaint Competition 2017, UK Body Painting Convention 2018

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Born in St. Petersburg, the cultural heart of Russia, Ulianka’s passion for art began in early childhood. After graduating from Faberge Professional Art College in St. Petersburg as a jeweller and an artist, she then lived in Poland for a few years and explored native customs and arts alongside studying at university to become a Master of Teaching. Currently residing in Aberdeen, Scotland, Ulianka runs her own business UliankaArty. Apart from murals, canvas and snow sculptures she adores body art. Winner of multiple awards, Ulianka also travels around the world, running face and body painting workshops, as well as judging at competitions in the UK and abroad.