Noé Durán

Noé Durán

In 2020 Dandy became the world champion of the WBF in Body painting category, and in 2021 he landed in 3rd place in the Body painting Special FX category. Instructor at multiple conventions, such as Prismatica in Mexico, FABAIC in the USA, as well as at multiple private workshops in South America.

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Dandy Show

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The Harlequin From Your Nightmares

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Noé Durán known in the artistic world as Dandy Show is one of the most spectacular artists of the face and body painting, as well as special FX industries. His career started 7 years ago with an ordinary curiosity for the field. Since then, he has mastered his skills and developed his specific professional techniques, which made him a world renown artist and instructor. Award winning artist, Dandy is currently residing in Mexico running his business Dandy Show. “We are the universe” is his slogan and skulls are his deepest passion.