Karen Huwen

Karen Huwen

Instructor at multiple conventions worldwide; Winner at 2019 Brushwars Professional Body Painter; 2nd place at 2018 Brushwars Professional Body Painter; UK Body Painter of the Year 2016; UK Creative Make up Artist of the Year 2016; Winner of Body Painting Competition at Painswick Festival 2016; Glitter Body Artist of the Year 2016; UK Body Painter of the Year 2015.

Artist and Instructor
Wow Factor Faces & Grown Up Glitz

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Glamourween: Beautiful Adult Face Art

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My name is Karen Huwen (previously Harvey) and I run two face painting businesses - "Wow Factor Faces", and "Grown Up Glitz”, the latter being focused on Adult Face Art. I also paint canvases - particularly pet portraits in bright colors and create art using inks and resin as well. I have written and illustrated a book on face painting that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, and I teach classes all over the United Kingdom at intensive workshops and Conventions.