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Sparkling Faces — twelve incredible boards by Svetlana Keller, the total value of €220.

Sparkling Faces practice boards are ideal for practicing and developing new designs.

Simply paint your artwork onto the boards, and take photographs of your completed work in order to quickly and easily create one-of-a-kind menus that can be displayed online or in print.

This is the perfect solution when there are no models available.

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HokeyPokey — an array of fantastic six gift-kits, valued at €180.

Hokey Pokey Shop is the largest professional face and body paint shop in Canada.

They carry more than 40 brands of 6,000 different products which include Face and Body Painting Supplies, Air Brush Paint/Equipment, Special FX Makeup, Glitter/Bling, Vinyl/Mylar Stencils, Balloons and so much more!

Check out 6 amazing prizes of 24 different products that you can win during the 2nd Online Summit for Face Painters.

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International Face Painting School — ONE Professional course valued €595 and TWO Basic courses valued €195 each.

The International Face Painting School is a comprehensive tool for learning the complete fundamentals of face painting.

All the way from proper brush posture, to recommendations of supplies and online tutorials with real instructors that will evaluate and assist you as you journey through the lessons provided.

The School is based on a PROVEN, step-by-step face painting system approved by more than 700 students from 53 countries all around the world!

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Fusion Body Art — five best-selling Spectrum Palettes | Carnival Kit, with a total value of €240.

The Carnival Kit by Fusion Body Art includes 6 Fusion Body Art mini Split Cakes: Fire Flames, Wild Berry, Bold Rose, Snow Queen, Jungle Snake, and Leanne's Rainbow. It also includes a solid cake of white and 5 split cakes with two colors: Strong Black/ Henna Brown, Cardinal Red/Orange Zest, Magic Magenta/Bright Yellow, Magic Dark Blue/Light Blue, Deep Green/Lime Green.

The case is approximately 8 3/4" x 4 2/16" x 3/4". Each container is approximately 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 1/2". There are approximately 10 grams of face paint in each container. The containers are removable to use separately and to make cleaning the palette easier.

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JestPaint — a voucher of $100 to buy any face painting products of your choice.

Jest Paint is a one-stop-shop for all of your face painting needs! Jest Paint has a huge variety of face paint brands to choose from!

Beyond face paint, Jest Paint also carries glitters, stencils, special fx supplies, along with brushes, sponges and practice tools.

Jest Paint's speedy customer service and informative product descriptions, color swatches, GIFS, and demo photos make shopping fast and easy.

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Vivid Glitter — Twelve Gleam Glitter Cream sets of a total value of €330.

Available in everyone's favorite Vivid Glitter chunky mixes. Our unique cream base is a 1 step process to get the dazzling sparkle on every face with speed and ease. It goes on smooth and will not smear your face or body paint designs. It will not dry out like the typical glitter gels and is also very stable in hot and cold climates.

The product comes in the standard stackable VIVID Glitter jars for compact and efficient transporting. Apply the most vibrant glitter mixes on the market quickly and efficiently on the job.

The prizes will be 2 Miracle stacks, 3 Tropical Stacks, 3 Galactic Stacks, 2 Purity stacks and 2 Festivity stacks.

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